How to Join

Joining DEAP

DEAP is open to all undergraduate IUPUI students who can benefit from intensive support along their academic journey. Students of color are strongly encouraged to participate as a means to engage, connect, affirm, and guide them toward academic success.

Students may join DEAP through one of two different ways:

Incoming freshman

Incoming freshman can apply to be part of DEAP prior to beginning their first semester at IUPUI. This application can be accessed between March and August.

  1. Complete the DEAP freshman application below
  2. Attend the DEAP Summer Live Session
  3. Complete intake meeting
  4. Attend Bridge Week
  5. Freshman induction
  6. Become an official DEAP Scholar!
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Walk-in application (for current and transfer IUPUI students)

IUPUI Transfer and currently enrolled students may apply to be part of the program using the application below. All undergraduate students who agree to be an active and engaged participant are eligible.

  1. Complete the DEAP walk-in application below
  2. Complete intake form
  3. Schedule & complete introductory meeting
  4. Become an official DEAP Scholar!
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Note: We strongly encourage you to check your IU and personal email regularly for DEAP program updates, opportunities, events, and more.