Program criteria

DEAP is open to all IUPUI undergraduate students who can benefit from intensive, holistic support along their academic journey. Students of color are strongly encouraged to participate as a means to engage, connect, affirm, and guide them toward academic success. Students are not required to participate, but are encouraged. Our philosophy is that all students are capable of maximizing their potential.

Some of the benefits of participating in DEAP include:

  • DEAP Scholarship, which is awarded to scholars who successfully complete the IUPUI Summer Bridge program
  • Supportive environment that helps DEAP students connect with each other and builds community among students of color
  • Tiered mentoring (peer mentoring for first- and second-year students and faculty/staff mentoring for third- and fourth-year students)
  • Academic check-ups and accountability sessions, including opportunities to address academic challenges proactively and to develop success accountability plans
  • Direction and referral to campus and community resources
  • Peer tutoring resources (e.g., institutional, peer, and private)
  • Plans for designated study time (DST) that are individualized
  • Campus involvement and student leadership experiences that create an enhanced sense of belonging and social support through three DEAP-supported student organizations: Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society, Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)/Brother2Brother, and Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS)/Sister2Sister

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